About Glamsmash Productions

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                GlamsmashGlamsmash LLC is a creative company based out of New York City that grew from the collective vision of three guys from Nashville, Tennessee. Having met in college studying theatre performance, they began producing live events with an acclaimed theatrical production of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” in the winter of ’06. Shortly after moving to New York, the company shifted its focus to video production and began work on a series of digital shorts which have been featured on websites such as and Now, they have taken their unique aesthetic to the next level and established themselves as a creative voice in the film-making community.

With its unique connotation, the name Glamsmash came from a shared love of 70’s glam rock and a pretty awesome hologram poster of The Incredible Hulk currently hanging in their offices.

The men of Glamsmash have provided their creative services to other clients and companies seeking innovative means for product promotion. Glamsmash’s mission is to conceptualize and produce quality digital work for the client in order to provide a unique entertainment experience for their greater community.

Ryan Chittaphong - Founder, Executive Director

Chris Ford - Founder, Creative Director

Austin Sanders - Founder, Producing Director

Wyatt Kuether - Associate Producer

Carolyn Kuether - Associate Producer

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